Fire Skirt

Wear your own special effects! Learn a glowinthedark clothing technique that mimics the look of fire, using electroluminescent (EL) wire and a combination of reflective and transparent fabrics. The main function of this dress is for safety and visibility in dark environments, but also it is functional if you love fire and want to look like it. The fire skirt design functionality was inspired by the chaotic, beautiful, intense environment found at outdoornighttime events: while wearing this skirt, my friends can find me, no one will run into me with a bike or artvehicle, and it illuminates nearby objects as I walk, making it easy to avoid tent stakes, cacti, or whoknowswhat. The presentation was recorded and posted by ArtFuture on the ArtFuture YouTube Group, in 9 segments: here are the videos, with notes, pictures and links. thanks to instructables for providing a good venue for making the presentation videos complete. $7080 cost. get the good fabric!)2.5 yards satin fabric (gold)2.5 yards chiffon fabric (maroon or winecolor)20 feet electroluminescent wire (aka "EL wire" or "LYTEC")EL wire power supply driver12" x 1" ElasticElectrical tape or heat shrink tubingSoldering suppliesThe dress is based on an Aline skirt pattern; a coneshaped skirt that bunches with gravity and creates organiclooking folds. It has 2 layers: a shiny satin layer underneath, and a translucent chiffon layer on top. This Aline skirt pattern is very simple: a coneshaped floorlength skirt that flares out from the waist at about a 2530 degree angle. For this dress, I make two layers with the same pattern. The inner satin layer is floorlength, and the outer chiffon layer is about 5" above the floor.( i make my own pattern, according to my measurements the top of this pattern is an empirewaisted halter, but any top can work it's the skirt shape that is important). Here are a couple of patterns that could work:(lengthen inner layer to floor length. heels not recommended.)Simplicity 4087

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For the sharp points, I was thinking you could cut the wire where you want the point, strip a small length off of each end, draw the stripped ends parallel, twist and then solder. A piece of heat shrink tubing over the bare ends would complete the point. You could also "chain" different colors this way, such as yellow for the bottom of the flame and red for the top. Another idea I had was to use "micro plugs" like those used on computer fans to connect the power supply to the EL wire. That way one power supply could be used for a number of different garments, as long as the wire lengths were similar.

One last thing you inspired me when you said that the EL wire was like a "gummi bracelet". I made two bracelets out of the wire each a different color for a friend. Then I got some long exposure photos of her dancing at the club. Very cool! Thanks for the idea!